No Product Left Behind

Re-creations has been refurbishing products for education institutions for over ten years. Many basic furniture items required in a learning environment and all the adjunct spaces associated with a particular institution can be refurbished, instead of being replaced, at considerable cost savings. Re-creations can give a fresh start to existing products that are still functioning well, but need parts replaced, cleaning, new paint, fabrics, refinishing or lamination.

The answer to unconventional spaces…

Re-creations also creates custom products or modifies existing products from manufacturers to meet the needs for unique applications. Our breadth of work includes

  • custom millwork
  • cabinetry, podiums
  • business tables
  • counter tops
  • lounge/collaborative furniture
  • IT storage
  • cafeterias
  • break areas

Value, quality and creativity are built into every product from Re-creations. The only limit is your imagination.