Breathing new life into aged products

Re-creations has been refurbishing products for the healthcare industry for more than ten years. Many basic furniture items required in a hospital or clinic can be refurbished instead of being replaced at considerable cost savings. Re-creations can give new life to existing products that are still functioning well, but need parts replaced, cleaning, new paints, fabrics, refinishing or lamination.

Diagnosing and treating unconventional spaces

Re-creations also has the ability to create custom products or modify existing products from manufacturers to meet the needs of the unique product application. Our breadth of work includes

  • nurse’s stations
  • patient information boards
  • cabinetry and counter tops
  • headwall and footwall units
  • lounge furniture
  • IT storage
  • break rooms
  • cafeterias

Value, quality and creativity are built into every product.

Maintenance can be especially challenging in older healthcare facilities. Re-creations revitalizes your furniture by refurbishing and reupholstering waiting room chairs, patient room guest chairs, exam tables and hospital room tack boards. Stained fabrics are steam cleaned or replaced. Frames that are in poor shape get a face lift. Re-creations improves the durability and function of your existing seating by reupholstering chairs with high performance textiles and vinyls specifically developed for the unique demands of healthcare and high traffic areas.

Crypton’s soft, breathable fabrics have stain resistance and anti bacterial properties integrated directly into fibers. Nano-tex, a microbial and uniquely bleach cleanable fabric makes chair cushions impervious to stains and over all, a healthy solution for any “high-use” areas. Blood, urine and other organic fluids are easily removed with mild cleaning solutions, so maintenance and sanitation are quickly and easily performed.